16 პორტიანი NVR ჩამწერი


16 პორტიანი NVR ჩამწერი, SAFE NV425161


16 პორტიანი NVR ჩამწერი, SAFE NV425161 Mode Preview: 1*5MP@25/30fps 4*2MP@25/30fps Encode Capacity: 16*2MP@25/30fps 8*5MP@25/30fps Decode Capacity: 1*5MP@25/30fps 2*2MP@25/30fps 4*960P@25/30fps Playback: 4CH Input IPC Up to 5MP Compression:H.265/JPEG; Video standard: PAL/NTSC; Monitoring Resolution: Max 2K; Input: LAN Input; Output: VGA.HDMI; Monitoring: VMS/EasyWeb/Mobile APP; Mobile APP: P6SPro; HDD Support: Up to 6TB; Backup: USB port and Network; Size: 255mm*230mm*43mm; Weight: Max 1.0KG.